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"Off-the-clock" employee vehicle crashes cost employers $21.7 billion dollars in 2013.

While "on-the-job" crash costs are largely attributes to "non-fringe benefit" related costs, the vast majority of "off-the-job" crash costs are attributed directly to "health-related fringe benefits", largely Health Insurance and Sick Leave.

Fatal Four

Fix these four driving behaviors, and reduce your risks and costs.


Speeding remains the top contributing factor in most crashes, and increases the frequency and severity of crashes. Speed-related crashes cost employers $8.4B dollars in 2013, with a higher percentage of costs occurring in off-the-job crashes.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is just behind speeding for contributing factors in car crashes, costing employers $8.2B dollars in 2013. Almost half of those costs are associated with employees or their benefits-eligible dependents involvement in "off-the-job" crashes.

Drinking and Driving

Drinking and driving related "on-the-job" costs were roughly $1B dollars, but injuries of employees and benefits-eligible dependents for "off-the-job" expenses that employers paid was roughly $5B dollars.


"Off-the-job" injuries to employees and their benefits-eligible dependents was $4B dollars in 2013, compared with $0.9B for non-restraint related injuries while "on-the-job". Companies are doing a better job with policy mandating seat belt use on the job, but the message isn't making it home.

Our Program

A Holistic Driver Safety Program

  • Based on Years of Experience

    This program was put together by experts at BrightFleet, who have over seven years of experience training professional drivers in all aspects of defensive driving. The H&RS program was created to directly address results of recent research, indicating off-the-job accidents account for nearly half of all employer accident-related costs, no matter if the company has "drivers" or not.

  • Driver Training Designed for Adults

    Everyone needs reminders, and they also need to be reminded in a way that is effective and engaging. The H&RS program is specifically designed for working adults, developed by instuctional designers who understand how adults learn. This training product is the result of years of study and development, and until recently was only available to the largest companies.

  • Delivered Consistantly Over Time

    A "one and done" training approach doesn't work well for driver safety programs. Training materials need to be delivered over time, in an engaging manner, so that people are reminded of the importance and priority that driver safety has in their life. Currently we deliver 4 training modules, one each month, for four months. Each module has a quiz that must be passed, and the trainee can repeat the training as often as needed to pass the quiz.

  • Benefits the Entire Family

    The H&RS program provides additional benefit to your employees by allowing them to add a family member to their training account for free. The impact of this training program can extend into your employee's families - further improving the health and wellness of everyone covered by your health insurance plans.


"We began using the training programs for 4 years now. The programs are very effective and employee buy in was easy to obtain. Over the last few years we have more than tripled the number of vehicles we have driving for us and our costs for incidents have dropped by over 20% overall the last several years even with the increased number of drivers and vehicles on the roadway. In fact, most of our incidents we are now the not at fault party and we attribute this to the awareness our drivers now have in identifying risk on the roadway. We are very pleased, thank you!" Bryan
"The H&RS infographics report was extremely educational in providing the background information I needed to ensure I could communicate the importance of implementing an employee driver training program. In addition, the complimentary versions provided for our team allowed us to experience the program firsthand to understand what our employees would experience with the training. Thank you for making the process easy and convenient to get a training program in place for our company." Cindy

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